Cilia2022-verschoben von 2020 vom 04.10.2022 bis 07.10.2022 (= 4 Tage)

An der Messe, Köln
04.10.2022 - 07.10.2022 (= 4 Tage)

About Cilia2022

Cilia2022 will be the fifth consecutive biennial European Cilia Conference. We initiated this series in London (Cilia2012), followed by Paris (Cilia2014), Amsterdam (Cilia2016, EMBO-funded), and Copenhagen (Cilia2018, EMBO-funded).

Two decades of groundbreaking discoveries in cilia biology has revolutionized our understanding of the critical role of cilia in signaling, development, tissue homeostasis and disease. Ever since, this field and the community have been growing rapidly. Major breakthroughs continue to occur in cilia research with the
number of publications still increasing exponentially. Therefore, there is a continued need for meetings that promote scientific exchange and networking in this highly interdisciplinary field.

The principal themes of Cilia2020 are molecular/clinical aspects of ciliopathies (including eye, kidney, brain, and motile ciliopathies), cilia and centriole structure, signaling and development, protein and membrane trafficking, cilia in cancer and metabolism, and motile cilia/flagella.

The main objectives are to:

  1. Provide an interactive forum for open discussion of latest results and define future directions of cilia research.
  2. Further connect cilia researchers from different disciplines and promote active exchange between the scientific community and patient organizations.
  3. Promote and support early career cilia researchers.
  4. Strengthen scientific exchange and collaboration within Europe, as well as internationally.

Speakers include:

  • John Sayer, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK.
  • Elizabeth Forsythe, University College London, London, UK.
  • Ruxandra Bachmann-Gagaescu, University Zürich, Zürich, CH.
  • Cecilia Lo, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Pleasantine Mill, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
  • Paul Guichard, University of Geneva, Geneva, CH.
  • Lotte Bang Pedersen, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK.
  • Susana Lopes, CEDOC, Lisboa, PT.
  • Lukas Sommer, University Zürich, Zürich, CH.
  • Rachel Giles, International Kidney Cancer Coalition, Duivendrecht, NL.
  • Michael Koettgen, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, DE.
  • Daniela Nicastro, UT Southwestern, Dallas, USA.
  • Martin Blum, University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, DE.
  • Timo Strünker, University of Münster, Münster, DE.
  • Rebecca Burdine; Princeton University, Princeton, USA.
  • Takanari Inoue, John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA.
  • Karl Lechtreck, University of Georgia, Athens, USA.
  • Tim Stearns, Stanford University, Stanford, USA.
  • Claire Wyart, ICM Brain and Spine Institute, Paris, FR.
  • Prachee Avasthi, University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA.
  • Moe Mahjoub, Washington University, St. Louis, USA.
  • Guangshuo Ou, Tsinghua University, Beijing, CN.

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